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June 30, 2011

Transformers 3!

I watched this movie with my lil bro, Pakcik Parley and my hubby 2 days ago at OU.  Best gillerrrr!!!!

This time, more action!  I luv it!  You better watch!  Outstanding!!!!  Rugi x tengok.

I really enjoyed the movie but not my hubby.... peghak kata orang utara... this kind of movie is really not his thing.  he slept in there.... haish!  banyak sangat action sampai tak tau sapa baik sapa jahat, katanyer... Ikot for my sake only.  Ye lar.. tgk midnight kot!  Abis kol 3am.  Thanks for joining... at least he enjoyed wearing the cermin mata 3D tu.  :P... besar kot cermin mata tuuuu!!! senget-senget pakai.

Pakcik Parley said Transformer 2 was better than 3.  Ok... apa pon citer nih memang best!  Pi tengok!  Pi tengok!  I luv Bumble B!  Ada gak part yg sedeh.... hmm... BEST!!!

 Looking forward to watch Captain America & Twilight Breaking Dawn... jom tengok!


- shamimie - said...

Thanks to Pakcik Apit for sponsoring the ticket, thanks to Pakcik Parley for inviting & thanks to Incik Hubby for accompany me.... :=)

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