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June 5, 2011

Cashless Donation to the People of Mabul

Dear Friends,

For those who hasn’t got a chance to go there before, we would like to introduce you to the people of Mabul.

Mabul is a small island at south-eastern coast of Sabah. Located just 15km away from the infamous Sipadan Island, Mabul too has become a popular destination for divers and sea lovers alike.

The locals in Mabul mostly work as fishermen, who will go out to the sea for up to 3-5 days with hopes to catch enough fish or squid to be able to feed their family. Their children, who enjoy their share of time playing in the sea, are lucky if they are able to go to school as some of them do not even have proper identification (MyKad).

Although they can barely make ends meet, the people of Mabul are very friendly and humble. Those fortunate enough to have made a trip to Mabul Island would be able to attest to how they always feel welcome and amazed at just how hospitable the people of this small island can be.

My dear friends, the people of Mabul need our help!  Therefore, we are collecting donations that will be distributed to the people of this wonderful island. Here are some things that you can consider contributing :
  • Used/new clothes (for adults and children)
  • School supplies
Your contribution will do wonders to help the people of Mabul. We are willing to forward your donations to them with no cost at all.  For enquiries or if you would like to contribute (before 30th June 2011), kindly email me at shah_mimie@yahoo.com.my / shamimie73@yahoo.com or simply leave your comments here.  This is actually a good effort from my friends - Desiree Azhary, Mas Zurida & Suhaina.  The three of them are not attached to any charity organization but they are doing this simply for the love of humanity.  They are taking the opportunity of their next trip there to bring some basic necessities that the people of Mabul need the most.

Ni la masanya pon nak kemas lemari yg dah melimpah2 tuuuu.... kalau x nak pakai, donate je ler... boleh recycle... dpt pahala.... jimat ruang kat rumah tuu... bumi pon bersih.... kalau x nanti memburuk jer... membazir.. pas tu buang kat landfill... tul x?


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