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June 2, 2011

Good Morning! Coffee please!

Yup! Coffee.. very important in our office.

First thing in the morning - MAKE SURE THE BIG BOSS DRINK HIS COFFEE!!!  That's the main task for all secretaries in my department every morning.  If not, the whole department will be like in hell for the whole day.

Happened 1 day.. I started my pc and checked my email... i received a list of 'things to do' from my bosses.  So, bz doing la... and other secretaries were not in yet.  Then 5 minutes to 9, 1 senior secretary came in.  i've told her that boss x dpt coffee lagi.  she said ok but she has to go toilet first.  wokeh.  9.15am... suddenly bz bz bz... everyone was bz... rushing rushing rushing.... finally he only got his coffee at 9.30 am.  9.45 am... an email from him to all secretaries, cc lawyers & hr.... about punctuality.  hmm.... the rest of the day.... lu pk la sendiri.... ngeh ngeh...

moral of the story..... COFFEE FIRST!

today... i came in first... 5 minutes later, he came in... so, COFFEE!  COFFEE! COFFEE!!!

Soalan wajib every morning :  "Boss in?  Coffee?" ... today.. done!  selamaaaat...

Enjoy working!  tomorrow is Friday already!  woot woot!


elita said...

yang mana satu.. BCA ka??

- shamimie - said...

ye le mak buyung.. sapa lagi... bos kesayangan ramai... hehe..

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