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June 30, 2011

Proton oh Proton! Apakah?

Kuala Lumpur 26 Jun) Proton announced that the company will stop producing Savvy, which has been in the market for almost 7 years, claiming that the compact car is tarnishing the company's image due to the extremely poor quality.

Proton's Managing Director Dato' Seri Syed Zainal described Proton Waja 1.8L and Savvy 1.2L produced from the collaboration with Renault as a painful lesson.  Launched in Jun 2005, Savvy is to take over the Tiara as Proton's new compact car model.  Savvy's quality tarnishing company's image.  (agak sukahati jer kan!)

Syed Zainal admits that Proton's car have quality problems, the decision to retire Savvy is because SAvvy's quality is tarnishing Proton's image.  Syed Zainal told reporters when attending 2011 GLC Open Day that retiring Savvy does not mean the model is defective, Proton also will not recall all the Savvy that are sold.

Savvy is using the Renault made D4F engine while Waja 1.8L is using F4P engine but owners of the vehicle has been complaining about the problems that had, today a participants inquire Syed Zainal about the complains, hoping that Proton pay attention to the issue.

Customer complains are decreasing.  Syed Zainal pointed out that Proton is not a flawless company but the complains they received for the past 5 years has been decreasing.  (ye ke???)

He stated that when some Malaysians criticize the quality of Proton cars, it is all based on their own personal impression and rumors, some of them never even drive a Proton before (sekati jer ... konfiden giller!).

He mentioned that Proton cannot be blamed for the problems with Proton cars because all the parts are supplied by suppliers. (ni yg paling best nih!)

"Please do not put the blame on Proton, Proton makes 700 cars per day, that's 1 car every 98 seconds, we do not have the time to check on Proton parts."

Earlier, Syed Zainal Abidin in his speech mentioned that Proton will emphasise on "Cheap selling price with cheap maintenance parts" principle to prevent having problems with expensive parts for cheap cars.

He stated that proton has been planning to move the company's market to foreign country. The target is to increase Proton's foreign market share to 72% by 2016. Currently foreign and local market are equal.

"UAE, India, China and Middle Eastern country is our targeted foreign market."  Syed Zainal stated that Proton is facing a shortage of qualified personnels instead of planning and funding when moving to foreign market.

p/s:  statemeeennnnttt!!! senang jer kan!  time nak jual kemain lagi... manis mulut tu.... skang yg terkena sapa? penggunaaaa jugaak!  boleh plak tu cakap x de masa nak cek??? boleh?  APAKAH??? ada pk x perasaan org yg beli kereta2 tu?  


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