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August 10, 2011

Semuanya durian punyer pasal!

Durian fight leads to murder charge

SEREMBAN: An orang asli woman who allegedly assaulted her brother-in-law with a piece of wood following a fight over a durian nine days ago is being investigated for murder after the man died on Monday.

Police picked up the 40-year-old woman from her house in Kg Tekir in Labu near here on Tuesday, a day after her 54-year-old brother-in-law died at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL).

The man had been warded at Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital following the assault but was rushed to HKL after his condition deteriorated.

The alleged incident happened on July 24 when the man claimed a durian, which had fallen from a tree belonging to the woman, after the fruit had rolled into his plot of land.

The woman demanded that he return the durian, but he refused.

A police spokesman said the man was believed to have picked up a piece of wood and challenged the suspect to take the fruit.

“They were later believed to be involved in a scuffle, causing the woman to break a finger and suffer bruises.

“The suspect was believed to have grabbed the wood from the victim and started hitting him until he collapsed,” he said, adding that the woman then walked to the Labu police station and lodged a report on the incident.

Police who rushed to the scene found the man sprawled on the ground and rushed him to Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital.

It is learnt that the victim's wife and the suspect's late husband were siblings.

The victim's wife and her brother had inherited a 2.4ha plot of land from their late father but the land was divided into two plots due to a family squabble.

The suspect's husband claimed the upper plot while his sister took the lower section.

Korang rasa dalam kes kat atas tu sapa yg bersalah?

Aku pon memang sukaaaa sangat makan durian.  Segala makanan yg berkaitan ngan durian aku suka makan.  Memang kengkadang sampai berebut2 ngan anak2. hehe... tapi x pernah la plak gaduh ngan sesapa pasal durian nih.. Inikan pulak membunuh.. hilang akal tol.. yg berebut tu napa.. beli je la yg lain.. kat pj ada.  sedap!  makan la sampai muntah.  aku makan 2 bijik jer pon dah kenyang 2 ari.. bayangkan!  harga pon x boleh tahan!  mahal!  tapi worth it!  x pe.. bukan aku yg bayar pon.. ngeh ngeh ngeh...

Selamat berpuasa!


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