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January 9, 2012

Welcome 2012! Back to school!!


Life back to normal.. traffic jam, morning rush, kids, school, plus tuition.. Farah will be taking UPSR this year.. hmmm...  Is pon nak gi tuition... sorry bro.. .poket Ummie & Abah dah kempis sangat nih... nanti insyaallah ada rezeki lebih Ummie hantar Is gi tuition ek.... another problem is transport.  Aduh!

Money?  Gosh!  Mengalir macam air... mengeluh?  Nope.  it's our responsibility to give the best education to the kids.  Just imagine... 4 kids... Me and hubby just hope that they can give us good results in their exams, be good kids, soleh & solehah... what else could we ask for from them? 

Thursday, 29 December 2011 - Amirul's school orientation.  Hubby came back to KL just to give him support.  He was so happy and he didn't cry.... sempoi jer....

Alhamdulillah.  Allah permudahkan urusan menyekolahkan bebudak nih.  Actually that morning, he didn't sleep.  He was so excited to go to school.

Wednesday, 28 Dec - Hubby came back to KL.  So, that night we talked, talked and talked - so many things to update lah... until 1 am, hubby dah mengantuk.  So, I went to my kids room just to check them out.  And guess what?  Amirul still awake!  Terkebil2... membulat matanya... x leh tido katanya.  I asked him to sleep coz in a few hours dia kena bangun bersiap pegi sekolah.  At 6.30 am, he entered my room complete in school uniform siap ngan kasut lagi.. adoih!  excited giller.  Abah pon blom bangun lagi.  Ummie pon blom mandi lagi.  Skolah start kol 8am Adik oii!  Pukul 7.45 am baru nak kluar rumah.  Dia dah x sabar2 nak gi skolah.

Hopefully he'll keep the momentum till the end....  hehehe!

1st day school, he's still excited.  Makan pon x lalu.  Nugget yg dia makan ni pon x habis.  Nasi langsung x mo.  Ecah also was so excited... coz 1st day pakai baju biru.... new duty, new responsibilities.. kena jaga adik pulak...

Okeh!   Goodluck my dear... I wish you both success in your studies... be strong, be patient.. me and Abah always here to support you.... :P.. luv you both!  Take care of each other k!


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