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January 11, 2012

Time heals all wounds...

Sekali hati terluka
makan masa nak sembuh
mungkin luka terubat
tapi parutnya tetap ada

So, does time really heals?
NO! It's a big fat lie!
Time passes by..
It is what we do with our lives
while time is passing that either helps us.. heals us or keeps us stuck..
So, does time really heals all wounds?
I don't think so...
Forgiveness... that's the correct answer...
Let's forgive everyone today...
*Hmm.. that's the hardest thing for me..
How can I forgive you?
The wound is so deep..
You hurt me coz you were bored..
damn!  I need some time to forgive you...
but time doesn't really heals..
forgive n forget...
Ya Allah!  give me the strength*


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