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July 29, 2011

It shows how important you are....

Scene 1

Boss:  Where's my secretary?
A:  She's attending the ISO meeting downstairs
Boss:  Call her and ask her to come and see me now..
A:  Ok..

So, A kelam kabut calling the secretary.  Secretary pon kelam kabut climbing the staircase to see the boss...

Sec:  Boss.. looking for me?
Boss:  Yes.  There are 2 things I want you to help me with..
Sec: (with a pen and note book) Yes boss.. what is it?
Boss:  1st, office so hot.  Can please check with Admin for me?  Ask them to check the aircond.  Can't work like this.  2nd, coffee please?  So stress....
Sec:  (in her heart - u9##$%W$^&@%@)  Ok.

Scene 2

Sec:  Boss... just a gentle reminder... you need to do bla.. bla.. bla..
Boss:  Oh God!  Lucky you remind me.... haish... how can I survive without you?
Sec:  (Wink! Wink! Bling! Bling!  kembang kuncup kembang kuncup...) :P


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