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May 28, 2011


Tup tap tup tap dah 12 thn dah kawin!  To my luvie duvie husband... Happy Anniversary to you too! This is for you .... 

hmm... tu la dia.. tu la dia... cenggitu ler... nak wat camner....

Niway... thanks for the flowers n card.  You are so sweeeeet. 

After 12 years, inilah hasilnya.... 

Nurfarah Khadijah Shah Rizam

Muhammad Ridhwan Iskandar Shah Rizam
Nurnadilah A'isyah Shah Rizam
Muhammad Amirul Firdaus Shah Rizam
Muhammad Danial Fitri Shah Rizam
Shamimie Collections.. hehehe... baru 5 !

Semoga diberkati Allah selalu... :)
Let's enjoy our song together...


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