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July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday boss!


Today is my beloved boss' birthday!  Didn't know what to buy for him.  Suddenly, one of my colleagues said, 'Let's buy him mineral water coz he always drink Spritzer!' and we all immediately agreed.  And started to plan all the crazy things for him... huhu...

So, I asked another associate to bring him out for lunch and come back after 2pm.  So, when he came back from lunch... we all just buat dono jer... and he was so surprised!  Haha.. misi berjaya... with a thank you note -

"Hi ladies!!!  Thank you very much for the sweet thought.  This is the greatest bday surprise in my life.  Reminds me why I'm so happy to have all of you around me.  :).  Thank you again.

weee.. glad you like it!  Happy birthday Jo Yan! 

enjoy the photos.. :)


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