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July 6, 2012

Subra dalam kenangan


Subra is a very good friend of mine.. actually to everyone in this firm especially the secretaries.  We worked very closely.  Without him we'll be like lost in a desert.  He's like a big bro to us.  I've known him for 5 years but it feels like i've known him like ... forever. 

Everyday since we were informed that he's hospitalised due to his blood vessel in the brain burst on Monday, I'm scared to come to office.  I was hoping that there's still hope for him.  Time passed by... Monday.. Tuesday.. Wednesday.... glad that there's still hope.  But today, as i entered the office, my friends were crying.  I know something bad has happened.

Then I looked at one of my colleague... she just gelengkan kepala ajer.  I can't hold it in already and tears drop.  The whole office is so quiet until now... everyone is planning to visit him but I can't go... hmmm...

We miss you Subra.... you are a good guy.... nobody could replace you.  You'll always in our heart.

Subra - 2nd from the right..


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