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March 27, 2012

Pangkor Laut Resort


As you might be aware, I just came back from Pangkor Laut Resort.  Went there with my friends from 23 - 25 March.  I really enjoyed the trip but would be better if my hubby could follow me.. :(.. Maybe next time lah ek En. Shah... we go and celebrate our 15th anniversary maybe?  hehe... you work hard ok... carik duit gi hanimun.. a real honeymoon okeh!

Hihi... actually this place is so nice & beautiful.  peaceful & very good for newly wed couple or maybe those yg hanimun laaa... like me... ngee.. berangan only.  The food also so yummylicious!!

In this entry, I'll show you the place only ya... more photos in next entry... :P

Ni gambar kat jeti Lumut.  dah lain dowh! 

Atas ferry punya view... sea view....

p/s: Elita was not here!! hahahahahah!!! anti social!!!! Kerja ke makcik Elita? hehehe

Sambung nanti esok... Elita ngacau.. atoi ai nyer poonnn!!!!


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