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March 30, 2012

Cam haram...


Slalu dengar jer org dpt email cam ni.. and slalu nampak notice kat memana kata jgn percaya email yg konon dari bank nak soh update data la pekejadah seme... tup tup aku dpt... x sangka...

teringat ada satu hari tu one of my colleauge pepagi received this kind of email from so called 'Maybank'.  She was so blurr due to not enuf sleep and was so tired and sleepy simply click on the link and gave all information needed.  The next thing she knew was all her salary gone.  dah la baru dpt salary a day before. 

So, too late lah.... and today it's my turn to receive this.  Hmmm.... napa nak kena menipu utk carik rezeki?  I pray that the person who did this will get the punishment from Allah!  Jahat!


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