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November 15, 2011

Gosh! It's a busy week!

Went back home last night and didn’t even get a chance to step out from the car.. my daughters and lil Dani rushing in… glad to see them happy to see me… ngeee.. suddenly all the tiredness gone…

And Ecah showed me this….

And Farah pulak showed me her letter….

Ecah was not so happy to see Farah’s letter and start asking..

Ecah: Why Kakak dapat Ecah x dapat? Ecah pon dapat no. 4 jugak!

Me: Hmm… how would I know my dear.. why don’t you ask your teacher tomorrow? but you’ve already got so much from Abah, right? I’m still proud of you.. and next year you are going to be a prefect, kan! So, you cannot merajuk selalu… you have to be a good girl okey?

Ecah: Okey lah.

Iskandar? Hmm.. I have to do something about his studies… not sure how but I have to do something. I MUST before it’s too late.

Iskandar is different a bit. He likes to do what he likes and when he likes to do it. No one can force him to do something that he doesn’t like. Must know how to tackle him. Hmm… ikot perangai sapa la agaknyaa…. Ekekeke…

And I started to check the schedule again… Gosh! I have to plan.. I have to plan.. why la very short notice? And I have to take leave for 3 days?  Tsk... really hope they could just do it in a day.  Hopefully my bosses will approve my leave… Doi!

Wish my hubby were here… at least we can take turn… Last night hubby said he’ll come back end of this month. Can’t wait to see him…


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